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Whether energy costs are getting too high or you just simply want to add aesthetic decor to your home, a fireplace is a worthy investment that can be enjoyed for years. If you’re looking for a high-quality fireplace, visit Fireplace Creations, LLC in Buffalo, MN. Since 1997, our family owned fireplace store has worked with our customer’s best interest in mind, providing them with products that fit their budget, needs, and desires.

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High-Quality Products & Outstanding Service

From fireplace maintenance to a diverse inventory, our fireplace store is your one-stop shop for every fireplace necessity. Our clients are important to us, and we prove this by providing them with honest recommendations and acting with integrity. Simply talk to us about your project or needs, and we’ll work together to find you the fireplace of your dreams. When it comes to installing your new fireplace, we guarantee it’ll be a stress-free experience with our punctual and hardworking crew. 

Meet Our Trusted Team

Finding a fireplace has never been easier thanks to our well-trained staff members at Fireplace Creations. At our fireplace store, we make it a point to provide our clients with knowledge about different types of fireplaces to ensure they choose one that suits them. As highly skilled craftsmen, we have the ability to efficiently instal and service your investment with ease. 

Fireplace Installation in Buffalo, MN

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For durable gas, wood-burning, and electric fireplaces that won’t put a dent in your wallet, Fireplace Creations has you covered. Give us a call—our fireplace store craftsmen are always available to provide more information about our outstanding products. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!